In a distinguished class of service providers, Bohlar Integrated Services Limited stands at the top as a pace-setting indigenous company with exceptional delivery. Our committed passion for excellence sets us aside as a leading engineering, procurement, installation, and construction company. Years of expertise in various industries have contributed greatly to the versatility of our supply chain network and logistics capability. With an impressive portfolio of completed projects and longstanding client relationships, we stand out in the exclusive class of registered service providers in Nigeria.

Located in Ikeja, Lagos State, we have optimized our proximity to the heart of this city of excellence, to create a vast network of local and international clients and vendors. Since inception, we have continuously maintained a strong relationship with our supply network, solidifying our integrity and proving our efficiency in different areas of expertise. We provide innovative solutions across our areas of expertise for individual, corporate, and government projects with total commitment to the quality of products and services. These areas include general procurement, civil construction, fire infrastructure, mechanical construction, electrical installation, steel structures, and manpower supply.

Central to our provision of premium services is the efforts of our highly-trained professional experts who specialize in key areas of engineering, procurement, installation, and construction. Our team is well-equipped with the best standards of equipment and tools, education and resources, and sufficient field experience to take on projects of any scale and bring about successful execution. Across each of our service divisions, our experts ensure that the clients’ requirements and specifications are met according to international standards with excellence in products and services.

Our excellent delivery of services at Bohlar Integrated Services Limited is supported by values of sustainability, accountability, professionalism, efficiency, customer relationship, and teamwork. These values are our lighthouses, ensuring the consistent provision of innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions to all our clients through timely and cost-effective services provided with the dedication to customer satisfaction. We go the extra mile to deliver excellence.

Meet the Team

Engr. Kamar Olawuyi
Managing Director / CEO

Experienced project engineer with professional expertise in diverse roles across different industries. He has an Upper Division Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun State, and a Master’s Degree in Project Management from the University of Lagos, Lagos State. His extensive education is supported by professional training in Leadership, Project Management, and Fire Protection, among others. He is a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (FNSE), and The Institute of Credit Administration. He is also a Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the Council of Registered Engineers of Nigeria (COREN). He received a Recognition of Excellence in Business Leadership, Abu Dhabi UAE in 2014.

Engr. Gabriel Oni
Head, Engineering & Project Management

Certified Project Management Professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science & Mathematics, Post-Graduate Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and a Master’s Degree in Process Engineering. He is a diligent expert across several fields with extensive project management experience. He is a Member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA, the Computer Professionals (Registration Council of Nigeria), and the Association for Advancement of Cost Engineering International, USA.  He is also an Associate Member of the Institute of Cost Management of Nigeria, and a Graduate Member of the British Computer Society. He prioritizes a culture of excellence and safe work practices.

Engr. Babatunde Segun

A seasoned Mechanical Engineer with almost 20 years of experience as a Disciplines Coordinator in several industries, including the Oil and Gas sector. He has a Higher National Diploma and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. He is a Registered Engineer with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), and a Corporate Member of the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Institute of Piping Engineers in Nigeria. He has a high sense of responsibility and is very committed to delivering high-quality professional services.

Kayode Jimoh
Admin / Accounts Manager

Versatile statistician with a National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in Statistics from the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State. He has over a decade of experience in administrative, operational, and executive roles. He is a certified member of the Institute of Project Management of Nigeria (IPMN) with an undiluted passion for excellence. His dedication to work is emphasized in the achievement of organizational goals for development.

Corporate Statements x

Our Vision

To become the leading E.P.I.C. company in Africa with international networks for expansion.

Our Mission

To provide improved services and resources suitable to our versatile range of clients, and support national development.

Our Core Values


We maintain our integrity as a leading company with transparency and accountability, with a primary focus on delivering the details of every project. We ensure that every aspect of a project is completed in a way that matches the exact requirements of the client. We do not compromise on the quality of products, resources, and techniques for the completion of all projects. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.


We guarantee our clients the best quality assurance in our services and products by ensuring maintenance and sustainability for every project. Our process and delivery of services emphasize durability in all areas for functional standards and customer satisfaction.


For every project, we embark on, Bohlar Integrated Services Limited offers only the best hands and minds from our team of experts who are professionally trained to execute services flawlessly. Our team is made up of highly qualified, experienced, and professional individuals who are innovative in deriving sustainable solutions to meet our clients’ demands.


With our years of experience in delivering construction, engineering, procurement, and installation services, we can guarantee our clients’ optimum efficiency for all projects. We ensure that sales, fabrication, installation, and all other aspects of the project, at any scale, is carried out without hitch or delay.


We support the diversity of our team members and encourage growth through learning and relearning. Individual and team capacities are developed through value-adding experiences that emphasize the effectiveness of teamwork.


Our ethical standards involve the health and safety of all stakeholders, with consideration of the community and environment. From conceptual development and design to execution and project management, we maintain our values for optimum customer satisfaction.

Customer relationship

We maintain long-term relationships with our clients. This is made possible by our dedication to meeting all needs and requirements for projects.