Project Management

Bohlar Integrated Services Limited is committed to customer satisfaction and we strictly believe in product and service management in a way that ensures long term success of the business relationship between us and our clients.
Our project management systems is designed based on the appropriate requirements and professional methodology for setting up a new project according to our clients’ demands. We also engage our team of professionals to successfully manage the running of an existing project. Our systems for project management includes the initiation, planning, execution, and close-out of all aspects of the project, and it involves all systems and processes to guide the team through to the successful completion of the project.

Quality Management Systems

At Bohlar Integrated Services Limited, we have a defined set of principles that protect our clients’ interests. We value our integrity and ensure that the quality of our products and services are not compromised. We also ensure that the health and safety of our clients, employees, contractors, communities, and the environment, is protected through all systems and processes for service delivery. Our primary objective in all projects is to identify and mitigate risk while preventing injuries, losses, and damages. We take a collaborative approach to conduct our work in a manner that is safe and protective of all stakeholders and the environment. We maintain international standards of quality and excellence for every project.

Construction Management Systems

One of the most essential aspects of our project management systems at Bohlar Integrated Systems Limited is ensuring that our construction and drilling projects are executed to perfection. We follow appropriate processes for planning, design, and construction of all projects. We incorporate a number of key elements to reinforce service quality in the design and procurement for our construction projects while maintaining the standard in engineering and installation as well. Furthermore, the construction management system we use at Bohlar Integrated Services Limited is efficient and sustainable.

Statement of Quality

Bohlar Integrated Services Limited has established a strong network of business relationships across local and international partnerships. This extensive network is evidence of our diligence in the quality of products and services. We deliver all aspects of engineering, procurement, installation, and construction projects with a dedication to the schedule, cost-effectiveness within budget, and still guarantee excellence in international standards. Our products and services are assessed for quality assurance with remarkable results in efficiency and sustainability. We offer nothing but the best for premium customer satisfaction.

HSE Management System

Bohlar Integrated Services Limited shall continually improve its occupational health, safety and environment performance and strive for as low as possible frequencies for first aid injury, lost time incident, fatality, road traffic crash, fire incidence, occupational illness case, air emission and waste generation.