Supply Chain


General Sales, Installation, and Services

At Bohlar Integrated Services Limited, our general sales, installation, and services are delivered through a vast network of manufacturers and a team of experts.  In unique ways, each of these sections is vital for maintaining the integrity we have built with our local and international clients over the years. We offer top-quality products made available upon request after an extensive consultation process to understand our clients’ exact needs and deliver accordingly. We handle the sales of building/construction materials and equipment, industrial and engineering tools, and general trade of supplies and storage. Our team is made up of professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable in regulatory and compliance, inspection, assessment, and sales procedures. From civil construction to engineering and electricity, our installation of fixtures and high-tech machinery is a flawless process carried out by experienced professionals. With the help of our expert technicians, we make your installation priority with the confidence of efficiency and effectiveness. Our range of services is delivered with the commitment to excellence for all construction, procurement, engineering, and manufacturing projects. Our wide list of local and international vendors provides international standards of products and equipment for the design, construction, and execution stage of any project handled by Bohlar Integrated Services Limited. In-house experts handle the quality assurance responsibility to make sure that all sales, installation, and services exceed our clients’ expectations. At Bohlar, we ensure that our values, and international standards, are held to zero compromises in the delivery of sales, installation, and services for every project.