Mechanical Construction Works

Another area of our expertise in construction is the provision of top-notch mechanical construction works for civil and industrial construction projects. We have a team that has the knowledge and skills to complete complex and highly standardized mechanical projects with full consideration and focus on the clients’ demands.
We primarily offer the following services under Mechanical construction works;

  • TIG welding of stainless process pipes & fittings in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Pipe laying, fitting and Arc Welding of pipes of different sizes in the oil & gas industry.
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning services (HVAC).
  • Insulation Works for both hot and cold pipelines, specifically lagging and cladding.
  • Surface finishing and coating application for rust prevention and maintenance.
  • Plumbing services for commercial buildings like the hospital, hotel, high-rise buildings etc.

Our experienced professionals have an understanding of mechanical design and training in the engineering aspect to ensure both hydraulic & pneumatic pressure tests are done at pre-commissioning stage while providing full supports to OEMs at commissioning. We engage in maintenance and after installation services to give the customer professional supports. We create unique solutions with international standards to meet our clients’ demands, especially in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. We offer nothing short of perfection in the delivery of mechanical construction works for projects of all sizes, industries, and specifications.

Electrical Installation

This area of expertise is one of the most vital aspects of any construction project, and at Bohlar Integrated Services Limited, we understand this importance. Our electrical installation services are carried out by a team of professionals with years of experience, knowledge, and resourcefulness to ensure a flawless project. Mishaps at the electrical installation phase of any project can ruin the progress of the construction but with Bohlar Integrated Services Limited, we ensure that clients never have to worry about hazards from electrical installations that are done hastily or incorrectly. We carry out all expert activities for Equipment Installation, Cabling, and Termination & Commissioning through a timely, efficient, and sustainable process, which guarantees that your project site doesn’t violate any laws regarding electrical appliances while meeting every requirement and exceeding expectations. We ensure the successful installation of equipment and appliances for all range of projects including pharmaceutical manufacturing clients, as well as food and beverage companies. Our team of professional electricians offers electrical installation services that include wiring and rewiring, panel upgrades, HVAC installation, outlets, and lightning, with the provision of custom-designed services based on the clients’ demands. Our focus is primarily on safety and quality of work for optimum customer satisfaction according to international standards for excellence.

Civil Construction Works

Bohlar Integrated Services Limited guarantees exquisite delivery of services for civil construction projects such as Roads, Housing, and Industrial-level construction. Our team of professionals undertake the full construction of projects from design and planning to execution and completion. We carry out the erection of form-work, steelwork, concreting, and other aspects of the construction process. We set the necessary construction required for plumbing and electrical installations. We have expert specialization in traditional and modern designs for civil construction projects, as well as expert maintenance services for commercial, residential, and office buildings, financial institutions, healthcare facilities, corporate properties, and warehouses. Our skilled team of professionals, which includes engineers, architects, designers, and contracted support staff, take pride in the delivery of excellent service ensuring that all projects go from conception to completion without hitch. We provide all materials, labour, equipment, and services required for the execution of a project, according to the client’s requirements. Our creative professionals ensure the successful realization of our client’s idea/plans through structural Analysis, foundation construction/design, fabrication of support steel, modification design work, and the design of industrial buildings. We manage the project progress by monitoring schedules and cash flow.

We also assist clients with building permits, making sure that construction is done according to approved plans, specifications, and building laws. Our team of professionals has a broad range of experience that provides them with the edge of being innovative and creative. Our goal in this area of expertise is to meet the construction and real estate needs of our clients while ensuring the quality, value, and a befitting standard for all stakeholders.

Steel Structural Works

In accordance with our commitment to delivering excellence across all construction and engineering projects, we have a team of highly experienced professionals, including draftsmen, detailers, engineers, designers, architects, and mechanics who have the resources to create excellent steel structural works. We provide accurate designs in a timely manner with an implementation timeline for construction that is both efficient and sustainable. All steel structural works created by our team are certified for quality, ensuring that international standards are met.  This division of Bohlar Integrated Services Limited is in charge of the cutting, shaping, bending, and assembling of structural steel according to the demands for construction and engineering project completion. We prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure that our steel structural works exceed the expectations of our clients.

Warehouse Steel Works

Our unique service provision at Bohlar Integrated Services Limited includes state-of-the-art warehouse steelworks that are delivered with accuracy and quality as the primary focus. An experienced team of professionals handles this sector of our expertise in providing individual clients with their warehouse steel needs by optimizing cutting-edge technology for international standards and customer satisfaction.  We provide high-quality products and services for warehouse steelworks at very competitive prices which help us maintain our broad network of local and international clients. From fabrication to storage and transportation, we handle the necessities with swiftness and excellence. Our products and processing capacities include plasma/oxyfuel cutting, shearing, sawing, punching, and splitting for aluminium, stainless, carbon, and alloy steel, according to the project requirements and clients’ expectations. Bohlar Integrated Services Limited provides warehouse steelworks services that match international standards.

Manpower Supply

With our years of expertise in different sectors of construction and engineering industries, we are best qualified to supply local and international clients with experienced manpower for projects of any size, spanning across commercial, residential, and industrial purposes. Our manpower supply services help individual clients and corporate bodies to find the right team to take on specific construction, installation, engineering, and other aspects of their projects. We source for the best professionals to fit the expectations and requirements of our clients for effective results in their services and maintain the sustainability of the project. Our team of recruiters uses their wealth of experience in providing necessary training, assessment, and selection, with consultation services for every project that needs additional manpower, in addition to the in-house experts. We incorporate manpower supply services as a part of our communal responsibility and provide all resources for essential and support staff. All teams provided by Bohlar Integrated Services Limited are highly qualified to execute projects for optimum client satisfaction according to international standards.