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Our team of experienced professionals is highly qualified in the provision of fire protection services. Stakeholders in every industry are eager for the safety of lives and property for every project, and we at Bohlar Integrated Services Limited also understand that protection equipment and fire infrastructure systems are essential for the fulfillment of health and safety demands of any project. We provide reliable equipment such as FM-200 and Carbon Dioxide suppressants, as well as efficient sprinkler systems design for the different types of construction projects, applicable to the Nigerian climate. We take on the fire protection services from the design stage through professional conceptualization and hydraulic calculations and analysis to ensure that the system put in place is both effective and sustainable for the project’s lifetime. Our design process also optimizes the entry and exit points of the site and all critical spaces in the building layout. From the design stage, our experts proceed to get high standard equipment for fire detection and enhanced alarm systems for commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. In-house engineers carry out the installation for all equipment and modern technology system that are part of the customized fire infrastructure design for the client’s project such as fire water tank fabrication, hydrant systems, ring mains, branch mains & risers. We guarantee our clients a comprehensive fire protection system design with complete infrastructure and technology which includes sprinklers, alarm valves, fire detection, and other control devices for all construction, building, and engineering projects.